What is our Self-Worth?

The ultimate question that we all have to ask is what is the source of our genuine self-worth?

Can we have unconditional self-worth? Is our worth dependent upon what people say about us or about how much money we have in the bank?

Is it enough to be a good person? What does it mean to be a good person?Continue reading“What is our Self-Worth?”

Are the Righteous & Evil Equally Connected with G-d?

Your ultimate choice is whether you are conscious of your connection to God or not. The righteous person and the evil person are equally connected to God but they are not equally conscious of the connection.

If you truly believe that you and I are connected to God – and a facet and aspect of Hashem – how should be relate to each other?Continue reading“Are the Righteous & Evil Equally Connected with G-d?”

Who are we in relation to God?

You are an expression of the Divine.

Right at this very second you’re connected to the Divine – we all are – the problem is that we could forget that truth.

What we need to work on is to become aware of how connected we are to the Ultimate. And how we’re already connected to each other. And that’s really the ultimate choice in our lives. Are we going to think, speak and act in ways that cause us to forget how connected we are? And how incredibly wonderful all can be because all is set within the Divine, all is an expression of the Divine and there’s really nothing but the Divine.

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Who & What is God?

Who is God?

The word ‘God’ does not appear in the Torah.

What is God?

There is no such thing as ‘God’ – no such thing in existence because the Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey that we read in the Torah IS existence.

The word and common concept of  ‘God’ in many societies comes from a poor translation of the written Torah without taking into account the Oral Tradition. And that misconception conjures up all kinds of crazy and somewhat childish images of some guy in the sky who’s got some control issues and who has basically made anything that’s fun forbidden.Continue reading“Who & What is God?”