What Good are YOU?

What good are YOU?

You are a certain kind of good, you bring into the world a specific kind of good, and you need to determine what that unique goodness is that you’ve been sent to this world to serve.

What if you don’t feel like serving God? What if Judaism doesn’t make you happy?

What is happiness anyway? And, what is the secret to attaining it?Continue reading“What Good are YOU?”

The Prize IS the Surprise!

We’ve all done it… we feel hungry, open the refrigerator and see several options, yet we stand there peering in, waiting for something to speak to us. Sometimes we close the door, walk away and minutes later repeat the process as though something new might appear inside and jump out at us (admit it, you’ve done this, right?)!

In this video interview with Yehezkel Lang, Rabbi Aaron explains:

What we’re looking for is not something to eat. We’re hungry and we have this infinite thirst for the Infinite. Continue reading“The Prize IS the Surprise!”

Jews Don’t Pray

The AlephBeta Academy presents “If God Knows All, Why Do We Pray?” an entertaining video course with Rabbi David Aaron.

Rabbi Aaron suggests that Jews don’t pray because PRAYER involves begging with the goal of changing God’s mind.

Moving from the Oy to the Joy of Being Jewish

Rabbi Aaron shares more of his life story with Yehezkel Lang on Meir TV. A ticket to Israel boosted his spiritual journey and landed him across the desk from a Rosh Yeshiva who refused to speak with him until he cut his huge red afro!  After complying he was still pushed away, fought back and went from one yeshiva to another trying to find the right fit while challenging authority.

He describes a fascinating encounter with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, as well as being exposed to a variety of spiritual tastes ranging from intellectual, to emotional, spiritual or Zionistic and from knitted to black velvet kippah, black hats and striemels. Continue reading“Moving from the Oy to the Joy of Being Jewish”