The great Kabbalist and philosopher, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, living at the turn of the century wrote, “There is faith that is actually denial, and there is denial that is actually faith.”

When a person says that he believes in God, but in fact, the God he believes in is really a childish conceptual spiritual idol, then his faith is actually denial of truth, heresy. However, when a person professes atheism because he just can’t believe in some almighty king with a white flowing beard floating somewhere in outer space, in a sense he is expressing true faith, because he’s right — there is no such God.

The challenge is how to clean out such false imagery from one’s mind—imagery that has grown thick, hard, and solid over time and, like a hard wall of cement blocks, is now presenting a very serious obstruction to encountering and feeling God.

The place to start is to maturely clarify what we mean when we say “God.”

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