Moving from the Oy to the Joy of Being Jewish

Rabbi Aaron shares more of his life story with Yehezkel Lang on Meir TV. A ticket to Israel boosted his spiritual journey and landed him across the desk from a Rosh Yeshiva who refused to speak with him until he cut his huge red afro!  After complying he was still pushed away, fought back and went from one yeshiva to another trying to find the right fit while challenging authority.

He describes a fascinating encounter with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, as well as being exposed to a variety of spiritual tastes ranging from intellectual, to emotional, spiritual or Zionistic and from knitted to black velvet kippah, black hats and striemels.

He tells Yehezkel, “It was a big move for me to even say ‘I’m Jewish’ and embrace my Jewishness. I didn’t realize there were all these different shapes and colors of being Jewish. I was just trying to be Jewish… I’m very much into klal Yisrael, we’re people, and like a symphony you need all the different instruments. And they all should be valued and appreciated for what uniquely they contribute.”

“I want to identify with the entire Jewish people. In fact I want to identify with the entire world because I believe that the Jewish people are meant to be a light to the world. And to be a light means that there’s a world that’s important to you.”

“Everybody has to find their path – the tribes, and each one have their own coat. I’m very much Yosef and I needed a multicolored coat – I love all the colors.”

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