Not A “Someone Over There”

Most people think that God is some super being floating in another realm called heaven, watching us from above. When the first Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin went into space, ground control asked him, “What do you see?” He answered, “I don’t see God.”
What did he think he would see? Did he think that somewhere along his journey he would get to the edge of space and there would be two huge eyes peering at him? “Hi, I’m God. What took you so long?”
A lot of people think this way, but this is not what the Torah and Kabbalah teach. God does not exist in heaven while we exist on Earth—separate and far apart from him. God is not a “someone over there.” Rather God is the One—the Only One, and each and every one of us is a “someone”—some of that One. We are each an aspect of God—a unique expression of the Great Self. If we were to compare God to the sun, each of us would be a ray of his light. Every single one of us yearns to feel like a rare, precious, and cherished masterpiece because in truth each and every one of us is indeed a piece of the Master. And God loves each of us as he does his very self because we are a part of him.

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