The Prize IS the Surprise!

We’ve all done it… we feel hungry, open the refrigerator and see several options, yet we stand there peering in, waiting for something to speak to us. Sometimes we close the door, walk away and minutes later repeat the process as though something new might appear inside and jump out at us (admit it, you’ve done this, right?)!

In this video interview with Yehezkel Lang, Rabbi Aaron explains:

What we’re looking for is not something to eat. We’re hungry and we have this infinite thirst for the Infinite.

Because we’re souls, deep inside we have a sense that we’re connected to a power much greater than ourselves.

This book that I wrote called “The God-Powered Life” is really how to find a connection and personal¬† transformation and empowerment through connecting to God, the power that created us.

Yehezekel expresses a little frustration over this infinite hunger!

Here are a few excerpts from Rabbi Aaron’s response:

The goal is the journey…

There is an idea in Kabbalah that we get a taste of the Infinite so that we will infinitely thirst to come closer.

Happy is the heart who seeks God, but not who finds God.

Love is a journey, it’s not a destination.

The prize is in the surprise.

Watch and learn techniques for determining what your purpose is, and how to achieve happiness and fulfillment as you journey toward the prize.

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