Wanna Meet Someone Special? – Animation Transcript

Wanna Meet Someone Special?

Animation Transcript

My first time in Manhattan was overwhelming; –the tall skyscrapers –the hustle and bustle of the traffic and thousands of people around me.

I went into the subway, on the train ride more and more people got on, a crowd started to close in around me. I felt squeezed and besieged.

All of a sudden it hit me: “I am nothing more than a fiber in this huge blob of meat. I’m drowning in a melting pot of flesh.”

I desperately needed to get out of there but as I rushed to escape the distressing scene, I noticed a flyer taped on the wall. In an almost unreadable scrawl, it announced:
Come to the Cocoa Café and hear the GREATEST guitar player in the WORLD. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

”It’s one thing to be a nothing, but to be a “square nothing”? Now that’s too much. Who is this guy? What nerve! How could this big nobody thinks he’s somebody in a world like this?”

The astrophysicist Sir Author Eddington once said that if Grand Central Station were filled with dust, then one speck of dust would be the size of planet Earth relative to the cosmos.

Now, consider: if approximately six billion people live on this planet, then you and I are at most one-sixth of a billionth of a speck of dust.
And yet although the ginormous universe outside us tells us we’re no one, mysteriously deep within us we know we’re “someone.” And we really are.

You see, most people think God is someone in heaven. But God is not someone. God is the one; the only one. There’s nothing but God.
And God is not in heaven rather heaven and earth are in God.

There’s really none but the ONE. And you and I are someone. Some of the one – a facet, an aspect, a part of God: the One Soul and Self of the universe

Metaphorically, if God were white light we would each be a brilliant color in the spectrum of Divine radiance.
Treat yourself and all others like a Godly someone because indeed we really are.

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