Whole in One

One day I was walking into center of Jerusalem, the usual route I take along Jaffa Road, and I suddenly realized that when I walk, I keep my head down. I asked myself, “Why don’t you look up?” So, at that moment I did, and I saw a completely new and different Jaffa Road. I used to think that Jaffa Road was stores and tree trunks. I didn’t know that there are incredible canopies of leaves above, and fountains of palm fronds jutting into the sky, and birds flying to and from, singing sweetly, and colorful window boxes cascading flowers, and beautiful architectural details to the multi-story buildings—arched windows, ornate balconies adorned with filigree ironwork, emblems sculpted in stone. All of a sudden I saw a whole new world just because I looked up and expanded my vision for a moment.

The world you see is a function of how narrow your view is. Just for a moment, look at the room you are sitting in. Rather than focusing on anything in particular, try to see it with the fullness of vision: the ceiling, the floor, the corners of the room, all four walls. Do you perceive a different room?

Now, if you could just transfer that fullness of vision to everything you see and do, then you’d be living in a different world. And that world might give you a taste of the Garden of Eden where the presence of the All One was delightfully obvious. When you achieve the Garden of Eden mindset you cannot but feel the ecstasy of being whole in One.

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