Finding Purpose In The Pain [37 mins]

Finding Purpose in the Pain How does pain create an opportunity to come closer to Hashem? How can pain be transformed into a blessing? In this class, Rabbi Aaron gives us both intellectual and emotional tools for dealing with both our own and other people’s pain.

The Joy of Sadness: Special for the 3 Weeks [46 mins]

From a piece in the chassidic masterpiece ‘Tanya’, Rabbi Aaron explores the difference between bitterness and depression, and explains why the goal on Tisha B’Av is to reach the level of ‘holy bitterness’. This class was recorded live at Isralight’s yearly Tisha B’Av event in the Old City of Jerusalem.

What is the Path to True Fulfillment [20 mins]

To live a purposeful life, we must fill ourselves with something. The question is: Are we full of things that truly fill us, or are we still feeling empty? What is the path to true fulfillment? What are our real needs? In this short class, Rabbi Aaron answers these and …

Tuning in to the Daily GODCAST [41 mins]

How can G-d be more ‘present’ in the Land of Israel, and specifically in Jerusalem, when really G-d is everywhere? In this class, Rabbi Aaron explains the Jewish view of the purpose of life, and how the building blocks of Jewish life attune us to relationship with our Creator. He …