About Rabbi David Aaron

Rabbi David Aaron is a spiritual visionary and master educator who has invested over 3 decades delving into life’s BIGGEST question marks and sharing Torah’s transformational wisdom to adults and young adults. He has emerged as the ‘God expert’  simply because he has dared to ask and answer the most difficult questions that he/ALL people have and/or struggle with about God’s existence and their own.

Rabbi David Aaron gently urges us to take a look at the self-defeating and silly notions we carry about ourselves and God. His wit lets our inner child listen while our critical mind begins to perceive a profound new world.

Disarmed by Rabbi Aaron’s exhilarating undeniable clarity, we dare to look at our deepest assumptions, doubts and fears and challenge our paradigms of belief. Amazingly, we discover that our changing view of God and ourselves gives us access to reserves of personal power we never experienced before.  And new doorways open in our loving relationships.

As a child of a holocaust survivor, Rabbi Aaron has struggled to erase his childhood image of God as a punishing old man in the clouds, waiting for us to fail.  As we identify with his tales of trying to “buy off” the ultimate doom, we realize that our childish fears and images sometimes rule our deepest thoughts.

Rabbi Aaron teases us into letting go, if only for a moment, of our unspoken disappointments with God and ourselves. He slowly peels away the layers of confusion and mis-education and offers us a glimpse of the joy and personal power that a true, working belief in God and ourselves can provide.

Learning with Rabbi Aaron is both profoundly moving and entertaining. People at every level of spiritual knowledge and practice enjoy the adventure of peeking around the corners of mystical ideas. Finding answers to our big questions begins a process that is life–changing.

Beneath Rabbi Aaron’s light-hearted playfulness is a mature, sophisticated and holistic understanding of Torah, well-grounded in classic and Chassidic sources. Torah Scholars, scientists and psychologists alike have marveled at the profundity of his comprehensive systematic thinking.

Rabbi Aaron received his rabbinic ordination for Yeshivat ITRI. He is the Dean & Founder of Isralight (an international organization and center for Jewish learning in Jerusalem’s Old City) and Yeshivat Orayta (which offers a 1 to 2 year program for high school graduates).  He runs Jewish educational programs in Israel and abroad, including: Rabbinic Enrichment, Leadership Training, Executive Seminars, Retreats, Outreach Seminars and more. Rabbi Aaron has also developed educational curriculum for Jewish high schools.

Rabbi Aaron is the author of eight ‘paradigm-shifting’ books. Works include:

Endless Light, Seeing G-d, Love is My Religion, The Secret Life of G-d, Inviting G-d In, Living a Joyous Life and The God Powered Life.  (A number of books have been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew.)

Rabbi Aaron lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Chana, and their seven children and grandchildren.