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In the tradition of the great “Magidim” and spiritual masters from many disciplines, Rabbi David Aaron is seriously funny. He revels in the absurd semantics of personal growth and spiritual quest, and gently urges us to take a look at the self-defeating and silly notions we carry about G-d and ourselves.

Rabbi Aaron’s wit lets our inner child listen while our critical mind begins to perceive a profound new world. Like comedians Bill Cosby or Robin Williams, David Aaron has a gift for making us laugh at our theological boo boos. But his comedy is a doorway into our hearts. Disarmed by Rabbi Aaron’s compassionate humour, we dare to look at our deepest assumptions, doubts and fears and challenge our paradigms of belief. As he makes us laugh and cry, we realize that G-d, too, shares our laughter and our tears.

Amazingly, we discover that our changing view of G-d and ourselves gives us access to reserves of personal power we never felt before. And new doorways open in our loving relationships.

As a child of a holocaust survivor, Rabbi Aaron has struggled to erase his childhood image of G-d as a punishing old man in the clouds, waiting for us to fail. As we identify with his tales of trying to “buy off” the ultimate doom, we realize that our childish fears and images sometimes rule our deepest thoughts. Laughing at his parodies, we relax and open up our inner consciousness to a new and refreshing view on life. Rabbi Aaron teases us into letting go, if only for a moment, of our unspoken disappointments with G-d and our selves. He slowly peels away the layers of confusion and mis-education and offers us a glimpse of the joy and personal power that a true, working belief in G-d and ourselves can provide.

Learning with Rabbi Aaron is both profoundly moving and loads of fun. People at every level of spiritual knowledge and practice enjoy the adventure of peeking around the corners of mystical ideas. Finding new answers to our big questions begins a process that transforms our lives.

Rabbi Aaron is seriously funny, but NOT a comedian. He’s a philosopher who offers us a mature, sophisticated vision. He is well grounded in years of study and teaching Torah, Talmud, and Jewish philosophy and mysticism. Beneath Rabbi Aaron’s light-hearted playfulness is a deep, holistic and pluralistic understanding of the Jewish experience. Scientists and psychologists alike have marvelled at the depth of his comprehensive thinking.

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Sample Lecture Topics

Soul-utions for Life

In this dynamic presentation based on his best-selling book, Endless Light, Rabbi Aaron offers us the key to self-discovery and simultaneously the discovery of the Great Self. This is one of the most profound and user-friendly talks ever given on the topic; and the “punch line” leaves us with a paradigm that helps explain many of life’s deepest questions – “Who am I? What is my mission in life? What is a soul? Who is G-d? How do I relate to G-d? What about reincarnation?” With brilliant simplicity, Rabbi Aaron helps us understand the complexity of our being, and shows how heightened self-awareness empowers us to become the masters of our destiny and not the victim of our fate. This talk offers the ultimate soul-utions to all of life’s problems.

The power of Rabbi Aaron’s words resonates dramatically in our audience. It was as if an electrifying charge had moved through the room. People were talking about his presentation for months.

— Rabbi Yehuda Appel, Aish HaTorah, Cleveland

With Perfect Soul Sight

In this insightful talk based on his second best-selling book, Seeing G-d, Rabbi Aaron discusses the power of our perceptions and shows how our beliefs determine our life. We tend to think we live in an objective world, but Rabbi Aaron shows how our experience is determined by our subjective interpretation of our encounters. The paradigms and world views we adopt define the world in which we live – in other words “believing is seeing”. Life is transformed as Rabbi Aaron helps us open our eyes to what he describes as the spiritual colors and flavors of life. Our new “20/20 soul sight” offers us a greater awareness of the extraordinary in the ordinary. Rabbi Aaron’s “spiritual glasses” reveal to us the miraculous in everything we do and everything we are.

Rabbi Aaron’s relevancy, vibrancy, and spiritual depth engages people of all backgrounds and energizes the discovery of one’s soul and purpose in life

— Rabbi Dani Cohen, BMH Congregation, Denver

The Art of Living

Drawing from his book, The Secret Life of God, Rabbi Aaron offers us a realistic formula to dynamic transformational living and lasting love. We learn how to turn pain into power, overcome loneliness, achieve true intimacy, and create new possibilities for fulfilment. We learn that love and happiness is our choice. Rabbi Aaron suggests that we not wait to “fall” in love and let life just “happen”. Instead, he shows how we can begin to “climb” into love and take “charge” of our lives right now.

Rabbi Aaron makes the mysteries and power of Jewish mysticism accessible to everyone in a poetic and inspirational way.

— Rabbi David Gedzelman, Jewish Life Network, NYC


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