The Spiritual Meaning of Passover

In this short, but powerful, recording Rabbi Aaron discusses the spiritual meaning of Passover which is a message of love. He explains that “Passover” refers to a specific event in the story of our going out of Egypt – the last plague.

On Seder night, we tell over the story of how the Jewish people were in their homes after having been commanded to paint the blood of the pascal lamb on their doorposts. As the story unfolds many of us are left with this very disturbing image of G-d personally going into Egypt and skipping over – hopping and passing over – Jewish homes when He sees that blood.

Have you ever wondered why, out of the entire Exodus saga, that this one event seems to have captured the meaning of this piece of history so much so that the holiday is named Passover? Why does the Exodus become understood as Pesach?

Chanukah – Getting Out of Hellenism

We hope you enjoy this enLIGHTening and humorous Chanukah audio from Rabbi David Aaron which includes: The war between nature and Kedusha (holiness). Demonstrating the victory of the Jews over the Greeks then and even in today’s society. Belonging to SUPERnature. Lighting Chanukah candles to become inspired with awe and …