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Revealing. Inspiring. Empowering.

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Meet Rabbi David Aaron

Rabbi David Aaron is an astute visionary, a prolific, lucid writer and a soulful, invigorating educator. Rabbi Aaron believes that the spiritual basics of life are the most profound and yet the most neglected in contemporary education. Throughout his years, he has dedicated himself to sharing the ancient wisdom of Torah and Jewish mysticism and inspiring others to embrace a joyous life-long process of personal transformation, empowerment and love. Read more.

Turning Loneliness Into Blessing – Sparks
The Torah records that Bilaam, one of our arch enemies, intended to curse the Jewish people but ended up blessing them saying, "Verily, a people...
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How to Always Be a Winner #17Tammuz
The Talmud teaches that King Solomon wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes after he saw prophetically that his kingdom and the Temple that he worked so...
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Living G-d Into the World
The name in the Torah that has been translated as G-d or Lord is Adonai. The word Adonai means “Master.” In Jewish law, whatever a...
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Spiritual Journey or Ego Trip – Sparks
In this week's Torah portion Korach, a member of Moses' tribe the Levites and other communal leaders challenge Moses's leadership and the appointment of priesthood...
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What’s So Promising About the Promised Land? – Sparks
The original destination of the Israelites when they escaped their slave masters in Egypt was the Promised Land. The funny thing, though, is that when...
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Getting God’s View on You: How to Make Worlds of a Difference
“And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a...
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Books by Rabbi Aaron

Check out Love Is My Religion – one of the several books Rabbi David Aaron has written.

People often think that Judaism is a religion of law but not of love. They claim that it is more about fearing God and feeling guilty rather than loving God and feeling joy. They conclude that it leads us to a life of weakness and submission and robs us of our power and freedom to be our true selves. Love Is My Religion demonstrates how Judaism is quite the opposite of these misconceptions. It is founded upon love and its purpose is love. Its teachings encourage us to be strong and its laws empower us to achieve true freedom, choose love and experience the ecstatic joy of being in love.

See all of Rabbi David Aaron’s books.

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The Shocking Power of Your Mind: The World You’re In, Is In You (21 min)
All the worlds are embodied in the soul and the deeper we delve toward inner knowledge of the contents of the soul, the more we...
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Stop Waiting For Happiness; Choose Joy Now (18 min)
The purpose and the main point of everything and all that is intended in the entire Torah and 613 mitzvot is to bond through them...
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HOW TO FIND GOD: The Greatest Chanukah Gift Ever
God is right here, right now, waiting to be found, wanting to be known. Get rid of childish fears of God that sabotage your happiness,...
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Get the Secrets to the Happiest New Year of Your Life
Check out the debut of my first animation "Ray" (3.5 mins). "Ray" is a ray of sunlight whose life has gone dark. Join him as...
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