Rabbi David Aaron has written a psychologically insightful and spiritually uplifting book about the faith of Judaism. He does not duck any of the hard questions, offers no platitudes or fantasies and strives to reveal the essence of life and hence of Judaism as well. It is in my opinion the ultimate self-help book. It strips us bare, cleanses us of our illusions and prejudices and allows us to view ourselves in a cleaner and more intense light. The rabbis of the Talmud declared that ultimate joy stems from resolving ones doubts about life and self. Rabbi Aaron’s book will help any of its readers to do so. This book is not about Judaism. It is Judaism itself.


The Torah itself declares itself to be the book of humankind. Rabbi Aaron shows us how brilliantly accurate this description of Torah and Judaism really is. The book is entitled Living a Joyous Life. It is truly a joy to read clear, incisive, inspiring, witty and entertaining.

– Rabbi Berel Wein

One can study music in two ways: looking at the notes written on paper or hearing the music. The same is true for the study of Kabbalah. With Rabbi David Aaron we hear and feel the marvelous music of this ancient source of wisdom.

– Dr. Gerald Schroeder

David Aaron reveals the secrets to living a soulful, happy, and more meaningful life.

– Dr. Deepak Chopra

Studying with David Aaron, I never cease to be impressed with his ability to entertain and inspire while bringing to life the beautiful, ancient mysteries of the Torah and Kabbalah.

– Kirk Douglas

With David Aaron’s characteristic common sense and extraordinary array of life experiences, he fills The Secret Life of God with wise advice that can help every reader.

– Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

The God Powered Life shows us how to transform our ordinary everyday living into an extraordinary, powerful journey charged with divine passion and purpose.

– Marianne Williamson

Rabbi David Aaron so respects and loves his audience that his message is as infectious as it is deep and meaningful.

– Rabbi Craig Kacev

Many signposts are needed in our lonely spiritual journey. Heartwarming, personal, and soulful, The Secret Life of God is a very welcome companion to travelers on the challenging roads that lie ahead. It infuses us with hope and direction.

– Rabbi Simon Jacobson

According to one ancient sage, “Kabbalah is not the path to paradise but the path to paradox.” Yet Rabbi Aaron untangles enough of that paradox to leave us with a much clearer picture of paradise. He takes the existential and makes it tangible; his answers of “yes” to either/or questions somehow make sense, and at the end of the day, his love for and delight in the study of Kabbalah is contagious.

– Publishers Weekly

Lucid and courageous, wise and awakening … The God Powered Life is a rare treasure chest filled with inspirational and transformation secrets to the ultimate meaning of life. I love this book and I love Rabbi David Aaron.

– Debbie Ford