How Wonderful is Your Life? [2 mins]

I was walking down the street with my two-year-old son. He looked up and saw something fly by in the sky. He was just beginning to talk. In utter amazement he pointed and said, “that.”

I looked up, and said, “Oh, that’s a bird.”

My son repeated, “Bird.”
I felt really good; I’m teaching my son how to see the world; how to say the word, “bird.”

Then, all of a sudden, another bird went flying by. My son excitedly said “Oh, that.”
I replied, “That’s also a bird.”
I could see in my son’s eyes the confusion. How could they both be birds? They were so different.

I thought I was teaching my son how to see the world, but that day my son taught me how see God.

The Kabbalah teaches that at certain times in the Torah the term “That” alludes to God.

As we grow we get used to labeling everything. And we no longer see amazing, unique, flying miracles; we just slap an easy label onto it—“bird.”

We become file clerks. The astonishing “that” gets filed under “bird.” And we stop seeing the incredible, incomprehensible and miraculous. No marvel. No awe. No thrill.

No wonder that there’s no wonder in our lives any more.

The secret to a life of exhilaration and amazement is the ability to see “That” without labels, without preconceptions. And when you do, life is filled with godly glory.

According to the Torah God is not in existence God is existence and infinitely beyond.
All is within God and God is revealed within all.

Reclaim your inner child. Open your eyes of innocence. See the miraculous in the mundane; the extraordinary in the ordinary. Life is joyously wonderful when you gift yourself the presence of God.
February 7, 2016 at 05:41PM
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