Unleashing the Fire of Your Innermost Desire [20 mins}

The flame of the holy fire of the love of God is always burning in the human heart. It is this that warms the human spirit and illumines life; the delights it yields are endless, there is no measured by which to assess it. And how cruel is man toward himself that he allows himself to be sunk in the dark abyss of life, troubles himself with petty considerations, while he erases from his mind this that spells true life, that is the basis for all that gives meaning to life. It is for this reason that he does not share in it, and walks in this world bound by the heavy burden of his material existence, without light to illumine his way. But all this is contrary to the nature of life. Indeed it is contrary to the nature of all existence. ~ Rabbi A. I. Kook Midot HaRaya 1:3

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