Why God Does Not Want You to Fear Him [19 min]

Since the thoughts concerning Hashem in their basic elements are unclear, Hashem is conceived by the multitude and even by individuals who should be their leaders, as of a ruthless power from whom there is no escape and to whom one must necessarily be subservient.
No grandeur of Hashem is then manifest in the soul, but only the lowliness of wild imaginings that conjure up a form of some deceptive, vague, angry god that is dissociated from reality. It confuses everyone who believes in it, depresses his spirit, blunts his feelings, inhibits the assertion of his sensibilities, and uproots the divine glory in his soul. ~Rabbi A. I Kook יִסּוּרִים מְמָרְקִים אורות קכד ה

The concept of honoring God engenders courage and timidity. The disposition to honor God’s name is a byproduct of human courage and the perception that the highest good is sovereign in the world. These become widespread as the more enlightened knowledge of God, which bears with it the noblest sensibilities of reverence, becomes dominant in the world.

But timid people who, out of fear, are not reflective and do not dare to probe the greatness of the divine conception and of what it means to honor God, find in this conception itself a source of stumbling.
The duty to honor God becomes for them a ruthless demand of a being eager for unlimited honors. It degrades their every refined and noble sensibility, and makes of them sad and cruel slaves … hate God deep in their hearts, though they always speak words of love and honor when they mention God’s name. “With their mouth and their lips they honor Him, while their heart is remote from Him” (Isa. 29:13). ~ Rabbi A.I Kook מוסר אביך / מדות הראיה / כבוד

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