Dying to Live: Comforting Thoughts for Uncomfortable Times – Special for the Three Weeks

Imagine you were a seed but you didn’t know you were a seed. One day someone comes along and buries you alive.

Rotting away in the ground, suffering a slow torturous death, could you possibly fathom that this heinous crime is actually an immense act of loving – kindness.

Burying you was not to take your life but to give you a new and greater life.

What cannot but appear to you as death is actually birth.

Dying as a seed you come alive as a sapling. Dying as a sapling you then come alive as a magnificent fruit bearing tree.

You were not cruelly left to rot but lovingly positioned to sprout, grow, flourish, blossom and enjoy a more lush and vivacious life.

Although the story of life is a never ending adventure of greater and greater aliveness it is filled with episodes of misperceived deaths.

But we are only dying to live.