How Can We Know God If We Can’t See or Touch Him?

I have never seen or touched gravity and I never will. But I know gravity is in my life when I feel a force pulling me down. And so too, I’ve never seen or touched God and I never will. But I know God is in my life when I feel a force pulling me up. We can know God even though we cannot see or touch him because we can feel seen and touched by Him. And when we do we are uplifted, transformed and inspired.

For example, let’s say we are in a magnificent forest or gazing at a glorious sunset by the sea.

How can we know if we are merely looking at a bunch of trees, simply watching the earth in orbit or we are actually meeting and knowing God?

We can know we are knowing God when a person, place or event arouses and elicits from within us a yearning to love, respect and care for ourselves and others. A potency erupts from the depths of our souls and drives us to live in service of greater good. We are excited to give and inspired to grow. Profound happiness wells up inside us. And we are filled with a joyous certainty that each and every one of us matters and what we do really makes a difference.

We know God when the people we meet or the places we’re in sets us on fire with the higher desire to love, give, grow, do good and live responsibly.