How to Feel Very Good: Get the Secret You Definitely Want and Need to Know

I have two friends; Ben and Jack. Ben is good, was good, always will be good and cannot but be good. But Jack is not naturally good. For him to do good is a struggle.

Acting kindly is automatic for Ben but a real tough choice for Jack.

So when Jack painstakingly chooses to do good, is the quality of his goodness equal to Ben’s?

I think we all intuit that although Ben is kind, he’s kind of a kind robot.

We sense, however, that Jack’s kindness is a greater richer quality of goodness because it’s his choice (and not one that comes easy).

The Torah records that when G-d looked at His creation on the sixth day He remarked that it was “very good”.

The Sages explain that the term “good” hints to the creation of the good inclination but the word “very” hints to the creation of bad inclination. In other words, grappling with our bad inclination, overcoming it and choosing to do good is considered more than just “good”, it’s “very” good.
So although Ben is good, Jack is “very” good.

Now we’ve all been taught in kindergarten that G-d Almighty is absolutely good. But is G-d only good or is He free to also be “very” good. Surely G-d has no bad inclination He must battle and beat. But if so, can G-d freely choose to do good and be “very” good?

Torah teaches that there’s nothing at all but G-d, Good Almighty, and that although we are not G-d we are a part of Him. As it states in the Torah [Deut. 32:9], “A part of G-d is His people.”

But how can a human being, fraught with bad inclinations, conflicts, problems and struggles be a part of G-d?

We’re the “very” good part of G-d. We’re the part of G-d that is free to and capable of battling evil and victoriously choosing to do good.

There is nothing but G-d, Good Almighty, and we are the “very” good part of Him.

So here’s the secret to feeling “very” good. Play your part; beat evil, choose good and discover your ultimate divine purpose and G-dly worth.