Video Quiz – LIGHTS – How To Find God

Watch my short animation – LIGHTS: How To Find God – and complete the below quiz. Answers will be posted later this week.

Please circle all answers that are true. There can be more than one answer that is true.
1) The boy questions his belief in Electricity because
a) He has never seen Electricity
b) He has never felt Electricity in his life
c) It’s not cool to be a believer
d) Electricity is scary

2) The mother explains that Electricity is
a) Our father in heaven
b) The source and life of our lives
c) Beyond us but also within us
d) Is all of us put together

3) The Boy does not feel Electricity in his life. The Mother explains
a) That Electricity is far away
b) That Electricity is too great to feel
c) That Electricity is not in his life rather is his life
d) That life is Electricity

4) Electricity is not the sum total of all powers because
a) There are always more powers yet to be born
b) The whole always emerges greater than the sum of the parts
c) Electricity is the whole that precedes any parts.
d) All parts are actually partial expressions of Him

5) Mom clarifies, “We’re not are a part of Him like a slice of pizza.”
In other words;
a) Although we are a part of Him we do not exist a part from Him
b) Unlike a pizza the parts of Electricity are unlimited
c) A slice of pizza is a piece of pizza but not a partial expression of the
whole pizza
d) light is Electricity, but a slice of pizza is not the pizza

6) The boy concludes, “So we’re electricity?” He is incorrect because
a) Although we are Electricity, Electricity is not us
b) Although we are Electricity, Electricity is still beyond us
c) Although Electricity is us, we’re not Electricity
d) Electricity is not the sum of its parts

7) Through each new electrical device another limited aspect of Electricity
is born into the world. And therefore
a) Lighting, cooling, heating could be described as children of Electricity
b) There are unlimited aspects to Electricity that are yet to be born
c) The soul of a toaster is the power of heating and the soul of heating is
d) Electricity becomes more potent with each new aspect born

8) The Mom claims that she doesn’t believe in Electricity but knows for sure
He exists because Electricity is self-evident. In other words
a) When you’re in touch with yourself you know that you are part of a
Greater Self
b) Electricity is self-evident because he is the shared Self of all electrical
c) Electricity is not a distant power somewhere over there. Rather He is us.
d) Because we are Electricity knowing our self is synonymous with knowing

9) The boy asks, “What difference does it make if we believe or not?” The
answer is
a) There really is no difference. We are connected no matter what.
b) If you don’t believe Electricity will punish you
c) Although you are always connected to Electricity you can’t feel and enjoy
the connection unless you believe.
d) Although objectively you are connected you will experience yourself
disconnected unless you believe.

10) “When we deny Electricity and go against His will we are really going
against what we truly want deep inside.” In other words
a) Deep inside we want to keep Electricity on our side and obey Him
b) Deep inside we want to be rewarded
c) Deep inside we only want what Electricity wants because His will is our
d) Deep inside we only want to be true to ourselves

11) What’s wrong with being, “Out of Service.”?
a) You deny yourself the joy of being who you are
b) You are no longer living a selfless life
c) Life can only be meaningful when you give up selfishness
d) You will feel disconnected from Electricity

12) Is there light after death?
a) Yes but only for those served Electricity
b) Yes but those who denied Electricity will be devastated by the truth they
will come to know
c) No because light will realize it was Electricity all along
d) There is no such thing as death

13) We’re not lamps. That’s just our bodies. We’re light. And therefore
a) Our bodies are not important
b) Our bodies have been separating us from Electricity and we’re happy to
finally get free.
c) Although we express ourselves through lamps, we are greater than
d) If it were not for our bodies [lamps] we would all be one

14) Why are some devices bad?
a) They are evil because they are confused about their true identity
b) They think all the powers within them are from them
c) They were born to be evil
d) They deny their dependence on Electricity

15) What’s wrong with thinking “This is my power and my strength and I can
do what I please”?
a) You’ll get punished
b) This attitude actually diminishes your power
c) This attitude disconnects you from Electricity
d) This kind of thinking is punishment itself

16) “Evil doers are in for a big shock.” Please explain.
a) They will someday realize they betrayed themselves
b) They will someday realize that there is nothing but Electricity and they
are a part of Him
c) They will someday realize that their distorted beliefs caused them great
inner tension and suffering
d) They will someday realize that in and of themselves they were nothing
and lived a lie

17) How can truth be hell for some and yet heaven for others?
a) Those who denied the truth their whole life will feel great shame when
they finally encounter it
b) Heaven and Hell are not places but realizations the same truth can make
some happy and others miserable according to their expectations
c) Eventually truth will only bring heavenly joy to everyone
d) Electricity will punish those you denied his truth

18) Why does the son feel so turned on by the end of the conversation?
a) Because the greater the awareness of the connection the greater you
experience the connection
b) Because he is now connected to Electricity
c) Because he is happy to finally get clarity
d) Because he knows electricity will reward him

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